Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Fascist Rule of the Corporatocracy

Fascism is ripe and making an old school comeback in a new school way.

Our police force has been militarized over the last generation and their place in our society has slowly but surely become that of an enforcer of tyrannical laws and to quell public dissent that threatens the balance of power. They are not public servants, they are prison guards.

The indigenous population of this country have experienced this kind of shit for ages, it's now spilling over to the rest of the population.

Our elections are a form of social control designed to give us the impression that we have a say in how our countries are run. Nobody pays any attention to the fact that regardless of who is in power, after every election, things always just continue on as if the last leaders never left.

We don't elect our leaders, we don't have a say in how our country is run, and we are not, nor have we ever been free. We just happen to be lucky enough to have a good slave owner, who understands that an efficient slave, is a happy, dumb, distracted slave who knows as little as possible about the outside world.

The slave is kept dumb through a carefully regulated social conditioning propaganda machine known as the media industry. We are brought up in societies that teach us to associate learning with prison, that ignorance is worth the same as knowledge, and that tolerance of ignorance is a good thing.

The slave is distracted by being motivated into pointless accumulation of capital gain as a direct result of society teaching us that capital equals happiness. That self worth is equal to the capital value of the individual.

The slave is controlled through motivations incepted by a lifetime of social conditioning.

The internet is the only element to threaten the slave owners control, and the film industry is the front the Corporatocracy will use to demand total censorship, to take back control of the minds of the future.

There is a misconception that wars are fought on battlefields, or in courtrooms, or in elections. Not so. The war is fought long before, in the mind of the citizen, philosophically, by social conditioning and inception of ideas through media.

I've come to realize that WW2 was not about 'good guys VS bad guys', it was about all the slave owners of the world fighting each other over who would get to enslave the rest of the world.

'left VS Right' is an illusion. We have no left. The great struggle of the coming generations will be 'corporate interest VS individual interest', and it will sum total, hopefully, in the abolition of government as a ruling body alltogether and a civilization full of socially conscious individuals who all step forward to do their bit. The state will serve the people, not rule the people.

Life will be lived for happiness and the progress of all rather than the enslavement of the world for the benefit of a few.

We will come to learn that human beings are precious and that human life and potential is wasted if spent on activities that do not make one happy or content, that do not fulfill a personal desire that only the individual can recognize within him or her self /if/ allowed freedom and support by the state to pursue it.

Machines will become our slaves and everyone will be free to live the life they want to live. This will not be considered a luxury, but a civil right.

Currency will become unnecessary and nobody will live beyond or below their means. Everyone will have what they need and greed will be recognized as the cancer it is.

We won't need protection from other human beings because we will remove reason for other human beings to want to hurt us.

We will live life as if we are all individuals and one in the same way that individual atoms form up the whole of our individual bodies of which our individual sense of self resides acting as a driver for our subconscious.

We will push for the happiness of all rather than accept the suffering of the majority so we can maintain what little comfort we do have.

Human civilization is less than eight thousand years old, If it was a person, he or she would be a child. And just as a child must one day grow up and fend for itself as a grown person, human civilization must one day break free from the slavery of government. Our journey is to rule ourselves. Our journey is to create a civilization where society designs individual education that is focused in a manner as to maximize and realize the potential of every one individual on the planet.

We can all be Einstein's, Darwin's, Hawking's, Beethoven's, Mozart's, Kennedy's, etc. These people are not abnormalities of human civilization. They are simply human beings operating at full potential. We can all, every single one of us realize equal potential, society just has to let us.

Imagine a civilization where the rational mind can allow the intuitive gift to flourish. A world where all decisions are made from a place of mathematical /and/ emotional rationality.

Nature did not give us both reason and intuition, mathematical rationality and emotional rationality, for us to ignore one in favour of the other.

Soon, we will learn to use both and the world will change, and history will look back on this time as the fascist rule of the corporatocracy. The time before human civilization was free.


  1. Can this utopia conquer biology? The selfish desire to build empires only benefiting ones own genetic legacy is hard wired. What kind of revelation could turn civilians into philosophers capable of seeing that this thinking is folly?

  2. Human beings taking control of our own evolution can change any biological flaws we may have (Will happen within the next hundred years). But going back further. Our selfish desire is not biological it is conditioned through society and a flawed value system designed to turn us into willing slaves for currency. That's what religion was for, that's what currency is for.

    Human beings are biological computers who can be programmed to see anything any which way. As we see every day. Example. We bomb the middle east for eleven years, they are going to hate us and will direct that hate in our direction whenever possible, this is not biology, it is basic human psychology.

  3. P.S - No revelation can turn already programmed human beings into anything much different. Change occurs over multiple generations. One life is just a link in a long chain.